Friday, October 8, 2010

Is America blessing God?

I heard a preacher on TV say something that bothers me, and I'm not sure why. He said, "Why would God bless America as He has? I believe the reason is that He intends for us to influence the nations of the world. Not only are we an example of liberty and democracy, but we also have the resources and manpower to take the gospel around the world—and in many respects, the church has done just that. But there is too much sin, too much immorality in America!" Then he listed the abominations and added: "Why has the Lord withheld His judgment for so long? I believe it is because there are enough godly believers who cry out to Him on behalf of our country."

I agree with your gut. His premise is correct, but the moment he starts talking about withholding judgment, his message becomes bleak, dark and scolding, meant to alarm people and shame people. This is not the way Jesus preached....

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