Wednesday, September 7, 2011

The Mission of Good News Movie Reviews

When we at Good News Ministries decided to add yet one more movie review site to the internet, we asked ourselves: “What can we say that others are not already saying? What can we provide that the other movie reviewers are not doing? How will we be different so that we can make a difference?”

Thus we decided to leave it to all those others sites to tell you what’s moral and immoral in movies, and what’s holy, what’s sinful, etc. We decided to leave it up to our readers to do their own due diligence in determining whether or not God wants them to spend their money and time on the movies. We leave it up to you to judge how vulnerable you are to the temptations that are promoted in movies as “normal” and “acceptable” or how vulnerable your children are.

Our calling, we discerned prayerfully, is to give you something holy to think about whether you go to see the movie or not, and to give you something to discuss with your children or your youth group or the religious education class you teach. The fact is, many people go to the movies regardless of what the Christian movie reviewers are saying about them. So let’s use that as an opportunity to help people live the moral life and to grow closer to Christ and become more like Christ.

Secular movies will always have something in them that is contrary to the commandments of God. That fact is a no-brainer, and we leave it to other reviewers to tell you how sinful they are. The purpose of our movie reviews at Good News Ministries is to give you food for thought and to suggest holy lessons that can be learned from each movie – just in case you’re going to see the movie anyway.

Our most popular movie review of all time has been "For Greater Glory", which is based on the true story of Catholics rising up against persecutions. Because so many people are coming to us for information on For Greater Glory, we decided to recommend and post reviews of Catholic movies more frequently. When you share the link to these posts, you'll be helping to spread the good news with others.

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