Thursday, September 13, 2012


Everyone Can Be a Saint
By Daniela Delvescovo

Movie Review of
Director: Leonardo Defilippis; Cast: Lindsay Younce, Maggie Rose, Leonardo Defilippis

Available on DVD from St. Luke Productions.

"I want to be a saint"
- St. Therese

The story of Saint Therese of Lisieux is beautifully told in the movie Therese. Though the film is more a biography then a drama, it has an emotional pull that will really make you think.

This movie is rated PG, but I don’t think there is anything in its content that would make it inappropriate for young viewers. I would definitely recommend this movie to young people about to receive the Sacrament of Confirmation; it provides a great example of a possible Confirmation saint and how anyone can be a saint.

The film itself is a narrative of St. Therese of Lisieux’s life. It begins when Therese is four years old and her mother dies. This tragic event makes Therese want desperately to go to Heaven.

Therese (played by Lindsay Younce) begins to grow, yet still keeps an innocence that is unmatched by many girls her own age. She falls head over heels in love – for God! At the age of fifteen she begs the bishop of her diocese to allow her to be admitted to a local monastery, and this sets in motion the journey of her vocation.

Vocation: this word can mean a variety of different things depending on the person you are talking to. We as Christians believe we are called to a common vocation, or a call to a life of holiness and evangelization.

In the movie, Therese makes a very clear example that we don’t have to just be common; anyone can be a saint!

Therese didn’t have the power of healing, she didn’t have visions of Mary nor launch any programs to feed the poor, yet she is a canonized saint…why?

The reason is simple: She loved the Lord. She loved him more than anyone else in the world. This love is what gave her life meaning, and kept her content in life.

“Let us not be justices of the peace, but angels of peace.”
- St. Therese of Lisieux

Everyone can be a saint! They don’t need to have an extraordinary talent, just an extraordinary love for the Lord. This love can change the world: Your vocation can make a difference!

Questions for youth groups, families, and other small group discussions (please feel free to post comments below):
  1. What is a vocation?
  2. What is a saint?
  3. How can a person become a saint?


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