Friday, January 25, 2013


From the Mouths of Babes 
By: Daniela Delvescovo

Movie Review of
The 13th Day:
The True Story of Fatima
Director: Dominic Higgins
Cast: Jane Lesley, Kelley Costigan, Michael D'Cruze

"Surely you do not believe the Virgin Mary appeared to these children!"

During the First World War, three Portuguese children where visited by the Virgin Mary. This movie expertly documents their journey and conveys the true power of faith. 

This movie is a wonderful pick for a family night! It is heartwarming and easy to understand for school-aged children, and I especially recommend it for those around communion age. It is filmed primarily in black and white though, so it might not be visually interesting enough for very small children.

Lucia Dos Santos (played by Pilipa Fernandes) is ten years old. She likes to spend her days alone in the fields but finds herself drawn to the infectious company of her two small cousins Maria (played by Jane Lesley) and Antonio (played by Michael D'Cruze).

One day, while the three are tending to the sheep, they receive a vision of Our Lady. She asks them if they are willing to suffer for God, and they all agree. She asks them to meet her back at the same spot on the 13th day of every month, and on the sixth month, she will make a miracle happen. 

This encounter begins the three's journey in faith. They face many obstacles, including imprisonment and threats to their lives. They do not ever turn from God though, for they are willing to suffer for him. 

I truly enjoyed this film, in fact, it is one of the best religious dramatizations I have seen in a long time (and I watch a ton of them)! It really shows how powerful even small children can be with the help of God. 

Society in general tends to doubt children's potential. They keep things from children because they believe that they will not understand; therefore, these children remain ignorant. 

The reason I am mentioning this is because, just as the adults doubted Lucia, Maria, and Antonio in the film, many people continue to doubt children today. Children are naturally full of thirst for Christ, yet some parents do not see the importance of bringing them to Mass every Sunday; they do not see the value of Mass for their children, nor do they see the importance of reading the bible to their children, thinking they will not understand it. 

"Out of the mouth of babes and infants, 
you have established strength because of your foes, 
to still the enemy and the avenger."
(Psalms 8:2 ESV)

We must share the love of Christ with His children, both old and young. Parents need to share their own love of Christ with their children, fostering a relationship with Christ from the time of each child’s birth. 

Questions for youth groups, families, and other small group discussions (please feel free to post comments below):

1. Did your parents ever read the bible to you at home?
2. How did your parents help you prepare for your religions sacraments? 
3. Why is it important to share God's love with children? 

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