Monday, January 14, 2013

October Baby

Every Life is Beautiful
By Daniela Delvescovo

Movie Review of
October Baby

Director: Andrew Erwin
Cast: Rachel Hendrix, Jason Burkey and John Schneider

"I am still a child, a child trying to find a place in this world."

October Baby truly is a masterpiece. Inspired by a true story, it shows a teenage girl named Hannah discovering that she had survived a botched abortion. This film follows her search for answers as to why she survived and the circumstances that followed her mothers’ choice to abort her.

This movie is rated PG-13, and while I wouldn’t recommend it to very young children, I feel it would be beneficial for most pre-teens, teens, and adults. I really don’t understand the rating; I didn’t notice anything content-wise that makes it inappropriate for pre-teens, and I believe the movie would be great for families.

It was shown in movie theaters in March, 2012, and is now available on DVD and Blu-Ray.

Hannah is a normal, college-age girl. She is making her first theatrical d├ębut at her university. However, she suddenly collapses on stage in front of her friends and family. Her dad rushes to her, shouting something about an inhaler, and then her world goes black.

After a series of tests, the doctor believes that all of her symptoms are connected to her difficult birth. Her parents then drop a bombshell by revealing that Hannah is adopted and the result of a botched abortion.

Hannah doesn’t know what to do. She feels lost and depressed. Finally she comes to the conclusion that she must find her birth-mother and learn the true circumstances of her birth. She tags along on a Spring-break trip with her best friend, Jason, to begin her quest for answers.

The one message that runs through this movie is its tagline: Every life is beautiful.

Hannah is very beautiful, happy, healthy girl, who was almost murdered because she had no voice. Everyday hundreds of stories like this happen but end in a completely different way: The child becomes a victim of a successful abortion.

If we lose all respect for the unborn, who will we lose respect for next? Will we be allowed to murder the elderly, because they are too old and frail to stand up for themselves? Are the mass shootings, which have increased in frequency, related to this loss of respect for life? 

“Before I formed you in the womb I knew you.” 
Jeremiah 1:5 

God knew us all before we were born, and he has a special plan for us all, including the unborn. We need to give them a voice. We need to fight for them. We must all work for an end to abortion and pray for the beautiful souls that will never be able to walk this earth.

Questions for youth groups, families, and other small group discussions (please feel free to post comments below):

1. Why is the Catholic Church against abortion?

2. What are some ways we can stand up against abortion?

3. What makes every life beautiful?

Have you seen this movie? Please tell us what you think of it! Post a comment on this important topic.


Passengers said...

I Loved that movie, it is full of truth and grace, Thank you for sharing the review.
It made me see that God wants me

Anonymous said...

Saw this movie probably about a year ago. Recommend it to everyone. Would like to watch it again.

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