Thursday, March 7, 2013

China Cry

Faith Rediscovered
By: Daniela Delvescovo
Movie Review of China Cry
Director: James F. Collier
Cast: Julia Nickson, France Nuyen, James Shigeta
"I cannot deny His Presence”
~ Sung Neng Yee
China Cry is a breathtaking tale of faith and spirituality in a time and place where it once was a crime. Based on a true story, it tells of a young girl’s journey through life under communist rule China and how she comes to call herself a Christian.
This movie is Rated PG-13 mostly for frightening scenes. I would recommend it to older teens and adults because some of the situations in the film are a little scary. For example in one scene a pregnant women is knocked to the floor and kicked in the stomach.
Sung Neng Yee was treated like a little princess from the time of her birth. She lived in a grand palace and received anything she could ever desire. When she was six years old though, she and her family were evicted from their home and put out on the street by the new communist government.
She rises above her conditions, becoming one of the top three students in her graduating class and marrying the love of her life. She takes a position as a teacher to soldiers and everything is fine, until the army commissioners discover she once went to Christian schools as a child.
The head Commissioner interrogates her about the time she spent at the Christian schools and it leads to Sung Neng Yee’s own inner discovery: she realizes she is a Christian and has been from a young age.
The story that follows tells the tale of a woman who finds her faith in a time of persecution. She learns to trust in God and is truly blessed by Him, it shows how God’s love works in amazing ways, and that by putting your faith in Him, He will provide.
Good News Ministries has seen a lot of this lately. Almost every member of the staff has had to face some medical or circumstantial hardship that was devastating, but we have each had strong faith in God and he has provided for us.
For example, our bookkeeper Kathy Taylor discovered she had a cancerous tumor on her spine that needed to be removed immediately. The doctors believed that the tumors spread throughout her body.  Upon a few tests and many prayers, it was discovered that the tumor was a singular occurrence. God provided.
Also myself, I have an illness called chronic mononucleosis. After contracting mono as a small child, I was never able to really get over it, and develop flares of the disease periodically. This last November I contracted such a huge flare up that I was hospitalized for 4 days, and out of work for close to two months. I kept my faith and in God and prayed to him every night to heal me. Sure enough, a recovery that usually takes up to six to eight months was made in only three.
"Faith is to believe what you do not see;
the reward of this faith is to see what you believe."
--St. Augustine
God is good all the time! All we need is faith and he will provide. It doesn’t matter if you live in China or Canada, his love is contagious and everywhere!

Questions for youth groups, families, and other small group discussions (please feel free to post comments below):

  1. What is faith?
  2. Why do you have faith in God?
  3. Think of a time your faith in God has helped you through a rough time, what was that experience like?


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