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Mary of Nazareth

Two Movies on
Mary Of Nazareth

Blind Faith
By Daniela Delvescovo

Director: Jean Delannoy
Cast: Myriam Muller, Didier Bienaimé, Eric Jakobiak

“I am the handmaid of the Lord”
~ Mary

Mary of Nazareth is the story of the life of the mother of Christ. This low-budget film interprets it in a very simple way, making it great for younger viewers.

This unrated movie is appropriate for all ages. I especially recommend it for children who are preparing for their First Communion, because it will help give then a stronger faith foundation.

The film begins with Mary and Joseph’s first encounter and ends immediately following the death of Jesus. It is the story of Jesus’ life through Mary’s eyes.

Some scenes are quite comical to the discerning eye. For example, John the Baptist looks like a cave-man. With this said, I again stress that this movie would probably only really be enjoyable for younger children.

However, the message that can be drawn from this movie is one that everyone can benefit from: The value of blindly following the Lord. Blind obedience embodies Mary’s a life, a life we should all try to imitate.

You must concentrate on pleasing God alone,
and if He is pleased, you must be pleased.

~ Saint Padre Pio of Pietrelcina

Mary always followed God, no matter what He asked of her. He asked her to carry His child while she was still very young and before marrying Joseph. She could have been stoned to death as punishment, yet she agreed.

We should all have this kind of blind trust in God; to be good Christians, we must all be like Mary.

This DVD can be ordered online.

A Beautiful Movie That
Will Touch Your Heart
By Jan McClure

Director: Giacomo Campiotti
Cast: Alissa Jung, Andreas Pietschmann, Paz Vega, Antonia Liskova, Nikolai Kinski, Antonella Attili, Luca Marinelli, Mariano Rigillo, Marco Messeri, Roberto Citran, Andrea Giordana, Toni Laudadio, Marco Rulli, Marco Foschi

This film is billed as an epic motion picture on the life of Mary, mother of Christ, portraying her life from childhood through the Resurrection of Jesus.  This film touched my heart and my soul for days.  I couldn’t stop thinking about it.  The film shows the human side of the relationships that Mary probably had.  Even though we don’t exactly what happened, the movie showed possible scenarios, which I have found wonderful to reflect on, and they have helped me to go deeper into the Mysteries of the Rosary.  This film brought Mary’s “yes” to life. 

The movie is a full length feature film, shot in High Definition, produced by Ignatius Press and Carmel Communications.  It has beautiful cinematography and was directed by Giacomo Campiotti, who directed such films as Doctor Zhivago, Bakhita, and St. Giuseppe Moscati. It was written by Francesco Arlanch, who wrote Restless Heart, Pius XII, and Pope John Paul II

Alissa Jung played a luminous and joyous Mary, and she played the role very well.  The camera seemed to pick up the love, peace and joy that the actress was portraying.  Mary’s relationship with Joseph, played by Luca Marinelli, amazed many, myself included.  I thought that Joseph showed what a real man should be like.  This would be a great film to show young men and women to help them see what real relationships should look like.  The film portrays the purity of Mary and Joseph’s relationship, depicting them as partners who wanted to do the will of God.  The Holy Family is truly one we should try to emulate. 

The film has many wonderful scenes to reflect on.  For example, when Mary and Jesus were playing in the water, I realized I had never really meditated on what it must have been like for Mary: Wow, to be able to play with the son of God!

Another scene I found profound was when Joseph was dying. Mary asked Joseph if he was afraid.  Joseph answered that he lived with the Son of God and his mother and therefore was not afraid; he was used to living with mystery.  That scene led me to ponder more on what it must have been like for Joseph, opening my mind for further reflections. 

I was glad the film didn’t stop at the crucifixion but continued.  After the resurrection, Mary was with the disciples, and she began talking about when Joseph and Mary had left Jesus in the temple.  I thought, of course she must have wanted to talk with them about her son, just as I am sure the disciples did too, and just like we all do when we lose a loved one. 

The film is available for sponsored theatrical screenings.  For more information on the film and how to bring it your community, visit, and when you see the film, be sure to bring tissues and to be ready to have your heart touched and grow to love Mary even more.

Questions for youth groups, families, and other small group discussions (please feel free to post comments below):
  1. Why is it good to obey God even when we don’t understand why it’s good?
  2. How do you think Mary felt when she gave birth to Jesus? Why?
  3. How do you think Mary felt about Jesus’ death? Is there any feeling she might have had besides sadness and grief? Why?

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