Thursday, May 15, 2014

The Third Way

The Third Way
Homosexuality and the Catholic Church

A Good News Movie Review by Jan McClure
Producers: Blackstone Films

Every evening I read some of a spiritual book and then finish up with current Catholic events on my iPad.  A few nights ago, I found this 35-minute movie, The Third Way, while reading articles online.  This short documentary tells the testimonies of seven homosexual men and women and their journeys into the Catholic faith.

The film begins by depicting how much hatred is expressed toward homosexuals, much of it from people of the Christian faith.  The film then shows each person telling their story of how they discovered they were gay, their interior conflicts and their individual journeys of finding the Truth.  

The journeys could be any one of our journeys, which -- when if honestly and humbly undertaken -- bring us all to the ultimate same conclusion that the Catholic Church teaches, preaches and upholds the Truth.

The rest of film discusses purity and chastity from the teaching of the Theology of the Body and refers to the Catechism of the Catholic Church, referencing paragraphs 2357 and 2358.  One of the main points of the film is that these seven men and women understand that they are called to chastity.

The Catechism states: “All the baptized are called to chastity.”  Therefore we all must live this life chaste and pure in all that we do, and we are no different than our homosexual brothers and sisters.  We have many in our church pews who live together outside the Sacrament of Marriage or who are in adulterous relationships. Through the teachings of the Catholic Church, Jesus calls us to be loving to them and to all our Christian brothers and sisters. (We all sin and need His Grace to live holy lives.)

As members of this loving Church, are we there yet?  No, but here is an opportunity to help others, including our fellow parishioners and family members, gain a better understanding of what the Church teaches. We are called to love others and to share the Truth through Jesus Christ who was the perfect example of chastity.

I was impressed with how well this film is made.  It could be shown to youth groups, it can be forwarded to others or posted on Facebook. Those who are struggling with their sexuality could watch this in the privacy of their home or with head phones on, or they could even view it on their smart phone.

Love, joy and peace are just some of the fruits of the Holy Spirit (Galatians 5:22).  The seven (a holy number) men and women in this film show us how they finally found this through Jesus.  As one of the men said, his identity is no longer about being gay but instead about being a Catholic man.

For more information, we recommend this article by John Jalsevac (PDF download).

Here is this movie in its entirety. Watch it full-screen for the best viewing experience.

Questions for youth groups, families, and other small group discussions(and we hope you will post a comment below!):
  1. How do you approach someone whom you know is gay?  Are you loving or are you judgmental?
  2. How do you live out your purity and chastity?  Even if you are married are you still called to be chaste?
  3. Is there someone you know who could benefit from this film and learn that there can be love, joy and peace here on earth?


Ndanu said...

I just finished watching this movie. When the credits rolled, i sat back and i thought of the beautiful gift of love that God has given us. I thank the women and men who shared their stories with us and so lovingly.

Homosexuality is still a difficult question that many of us prefer not to address directly. I truly appreciate this film production as it is a great resource in easing this discussion and particularly in strengthening our growth as a community, as a Church, bound together by the love of Our Lord Jesus Christ.

Ndanu, Nairobi - Kenya

Good News Ministries said...

Well said, Ndanu! Thank you very much for posting your comment.

Anonymous said...

Thank you.

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