Thursday, February 26, 2015

The Vocation of Marriage

We have a new website!

The Vocation of Marriage has been suffering huge losses. More marriages end in divorce than succeed.  Fewer people choose marriage as a goal. We live in a culture that glorifies romance without the commitment of marriage vows. We live in a world that is increasingly breaking down the definition of marriage to “anything goes”.

We need — now more than ever — to (1) fortify romantic relationships with a better understanding of the biblical and moral truths about marriage, and (2) recommit our lives to it, and (3) stand strong as couples and as a Church to turn the tide of worldly influences back to what is healthy for children, couples, and society.

Our new website — is a resource and inspirational site for everyone who is interested in understanding more about the Vocation of Marriage, including clergy and others who minister to couples.

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